Finding Sunday School Curriculum

Finding Sunday School Curriculum

You’re not sure about your Sunday School curriculum.  It doesn’t seem to be accomplishing your goals. Does it seem too fluffy? Or is it not engaging and relevant to the kids in your class?  Or maybe the content is fine, but it is just very time consuming to prepare and you reach the end of the lesson feeling like you just wrote the whole curriculum yourself.

There is a dizzying array of Sunday School curriculum out there. Maybe like me, you’ve thought that surely there is something that would fit your church’s needs better.  But how do you find it?

The goal of this site is to make finding the right Sunday School curriculum for your church easier.  I have set out to review the major Sunday School curriculum on the market, and to collect others’ reviews and input so you can more easily find the options that fit your church’s needs.

I have not used all of these programs; I am reviewing them based on the samples the companies have provided.  My reviews, however, are independent–I am not representing a coalition of publishers trying to get you to buy their products.

The strength of this site will come when you add your voice to the equation so others can benefit from your experience.  Together, we can pool our knowledge to strengthen our ministries and effectively teach the next window

Sunday School Class

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